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so I'm quiting my livejournal. I think I'll pick up a more grown up form of journaling aka a blog. I'll link you bitches later when I make the move.

<3 Katie

the mets won.

pardon my lack of postage, I'm hardly online for long anymore. but much has been going on and I've been drawing in a new sketchbook and I feel good, most days. there is some deeping thing in me that wants to run away. really far. Where nobody knows me and I can get a little job and live in a little place and ride my bike to work and meet a boy to love.

this is Katie reaching for the stars.

for now, I'll help my mother make it through the days. at least there wasn't any bad news today at the doctors. I hate to see my parents age.

my hands feel like big cans of pea soup.

have you ever felt your body just give up before? mine did last night slash this morning. My thesis class met at 9 last night and we didn't get out till around 12:30am. My mind probably could have done more work but I had this feeling my my muscles were about to give up. Back at the homestead I dumped my thesis bad near the front door, switch on the Swim (anime reruns) lost my pants and ploped in my bed. I asked to be banned from my usual message board for a week so that I can get some work done but I found myself trolling through it anyway. my hands began to hurt quickly and I threw on that brace which has been my attempt to preserve my nerves as best I can for now. three hours lost to that fiending digital monster called the internet and I attempted sleep. Attempted being the key word, I could not sleep.. I was so tired though by body wouldn't move but I really couldn't sleep.. I resorted to a full dose of Nyquil and a brick wall hit me harder and faster than tractor trailer pummeling down a california freeway. 1pm a call from liz in which I barely spoke english. My body felt like it was made of bricks and the brace on my arm was made of the thickest lead. 2 pm a call from Jess Plummer where I assured her I"ll be there soonish. by then I only felt like a bag of potatoes. 3:30 finally got my sandbag body up.

there goes my attempt to get up at 10:30 am

and here I am in g10 it is 6pm . I'm rendering in Final cut and I'm going to do sound work.

make it stop, I can't wait for easter.

sort of. (I'll be working through easter all day on my laptop).
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I think that if a camera were to follow me  around all day it would make for some hillarious tv. If edited well that is. you could just cut together the constant conversation I am having with myself and the cursing and falling and singing to myself or accidently getting super toxic ceramic glaze on my face and boobies today.. that was pretty funny. Carney and Karen are forcing me into socialness and have been banned from animating tonight. or i guess I COULD do it now, we're not going out till 9 but STILL. I can't just start and animate for only an hour and a half. THATS NOTHING oy. I'll use it as an excuse to shit around the internets.